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Learn how to harness your talent to release your full potential, all from the comfort of your own home. Reach your goals and ambitions by enrolling in our 2 hour  19 minute  (14 Module) at-your-own-pace  video course and book on songwriting. There are no tests, no final exams and no grades. This e-course is a treasure chest of SECRETS on how to write that hit song. 



  • Give your lyrics rhythmic patterns that fit your music and how to bring your personality and style into your songs.

  • Learn how to create memorable and creative melodies without breaking a sweat.

  • Fantastic information on the basics of theory and music structure specifically targeted for songwriters.

  • Understand the importance of developing the lyrics and music of your songs to keep the listener interested.

  • Learn how to get brilliant rhymes easily, using human psychology, and keep them safe forever.

  • Learn about song structures, what works and why.

  • Gain perspective of human behaviour to enhance your writing appeal.

  • Stuck for what to write about? Get techniques that'll always have your mind filled with song ideas.

  • Every song you write will be improved 100% by detail..learn how to use it.

  • The course contains music demonstrations on both guitar and piano so you can hear what sounds good.

  • The course references over 40 famous songs to demonstrate songwriting techniques.

  • Use proven techniques as muses for writing your music.

  • Learn why you need hooks, how often they should appear in your songs and how to write them.

  • Use embellishments and compositional tricks & ideas to take your songs to the next level.

  • Learn about the different genres in songwriting and how to write in their style, without ever compromising your own sound.

  • The course if full of exercises to get your songs written.

  • Know what to do with your song once it is written.

  • Try before you buy and learn more about each module HERE