Your Goals . Your Dreams . Your Career.

Make it Happen

The Superstar


Daily 1hr, one-on-one, with me.

5 x sessions per week for 2 weeks.


Performing: Coaching and advice to improve confidence, communication and technique.


The career. 9 topics discussed every Tuesday, and goals set to be achieved over the week.


Meditation and personalized visualization and mantra for the week.


Music writing, coaching and technique to improve skills and develop your unique style.


Weekly recap and feedback, including a performance, and setting up the strategies for the following week.

The Musician

A 1hr, one-on-one session with me, crammed with information and advice.

Learn vocal technique.

Enhance performance technique and communication skills.

Develop a personalized Career Strategy Plan and mentorship.

Broaden mindset techniques

The Songwriter

A 1 hr, one-on-one session with me on songwriting.

Develop  Song structure


Learn tips, techniques & exercises

Improve your lyrics

Improve you music


 Learn how to create an original, well crafted song.

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Professional Music Motivator. I motivate and inspire you to achieve your musical and career goals through mentorship, education and public speaking. I have spent over 15 years performing on stages across the world. I am also a multi-award winning performer and singer songwriter. In addition I'm a singer/songwriter Ensemble Director at Carleton University in Ottawa, a Canadian JUNO Award Jurist, and a FACTOR Jurist. I have been a successful manager and acquired my artist over $70,000 in grant money, saw through the whole process of releasing their debut album, placed them in high profile industry showcases and arranged one-on-one personal meetings with the heads of A&R at Sony and Universal.


Unleash your

Full Potential

 Learn how to harness your energy and talent to release your

full potential. All from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. Reach your goals and ambitions with ease by enrolling in our virtual and at-your-own-pace e-book course. Written by an experienced and dedicated singer/songwriter and music coach, Giselle, this course will help you to reach your full potential. 

The Creative


Build relationships within a like-minded community by joining

a  group workshop hosted by Music Motivator Giselle. 

Work together to develop the skills needed to excel in your

career and navigate the  music industry. 

Music Writer


“Giselle is a music teacher, mentor, and friend. When I started at Carleton, I had little confidence in myself and she helped me believe in myself and nurture those skills. She helped me develop my vocal skills, apply different techniques to my writing and stage performance, and supported my endeavors in and outside the classroom. She has a way of understanding your strengths and weaknesses to help you build on them and improve. She showed me different ways to use stylistic devices in my songwriting and helped me find ways to cope with the struggles I was facing as an artist. She made it easy to be myself around her, which established a trusting and understanding relationship. Being a student of Giselle's has been a blessing and has become a relationship that I will cherish forever, and anyone who is lucky enough to have her as a teacher will benefit greatly from having this special creature in their life. She is truly inspirational!".”


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