Frequently asked questions

How often can I sign up for a course?

There is no limit to how many times you want to study.

If I sign up and then change my mind, will I get a refund?

We have provided two free modules for you to try before you buy.

What levels of musician to you teach?

Beginners to advanced.

Who will own the copyright and rights to the songs written with you?

You will, 100%.

Who will own the copyright and rights to the songs written with you and others in the group sessions?

The rights and any money made from the songs created during the group session will be divided equally with whoever has written them, even if they only made small suggestions...hence the phrase 'write a word, get a third'. I will not have any rights to the songs, even if I do contribute. It will be up to participants to share contact information with each other, as I will not be involved in this.

What genre of musicians do you work with?

Singer-Songwriter, Pop, R&B, Classical, Opera.

Why does the course cost so much less than other courses?

Many industry people ask me this. I am a musician just like you and music is my life and my passion. As a musician, I have had difficult times and I have had great times. I understand the challenges we all face in the arts. As a result, I wanted to put all of my knowledge and experience into one affordable volume of information for all who love our art! Giselle xxx