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How to become a Pro Performer and take your Music to the next level.

Watch FREE videos on how to understand the music industry and how to be better at songwriting.

Beginner or professional. This website is full of proven, real world musician friendly, ways to write better songs and how to boost your music career.  For musicians and songwriters!

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how to become a pro performer and take my music to the next level

Learn with me from start to finish. Whatever level of musician or songwriter you are at, you can learn new things and take your music career and music writing to the next step.

"knowledge itself
is power”

Sir Francis Bacon

how to become a pro performer and take my music to the next level

The 3 Streams for you to master are all covered in these videos:

STREAM 1 - Your skills  Songwriting/performing/singing & playing.

STREAM 2 - Your career
Learn about the music industry before releasing your new music.

STREAM 3 - Your mindset
This is vital for a your career… How to use your own mind to be a successful creative entrepreneur.

how to become a pro performer and take my music to the next level

Easy-peasy. Each video is short so you can watch them in bite sized pieces…or if you’re brave, you can binge watch them…and all for FREE!

You can also email me any questions or book in for 1-1 sessions through my website for personal strategies and techniques.


I have spent over 20 years teaching and mentoring musicians from all levels and from all over the world. I’ve also toured professionally for over 15 years both as a singer, and a singer songwriter and been a successful artist manager. In addition I regularly sit on music award panels as a jurist. 

Providing FREE videos and motivating musicians and songwriters is what I enjoy.


"I thought it was well laid out and wish there was a bit more time to flush out a few more details. The course was indeed helpful regarding assessing my own as well as commercially successful songs and ideas for applying the music to lyrics. It’s was refreshing you seem like an honest broker which from my limited exposure to the industry seems rare"

Dale Steeves | Songwriter

"I attended your SAC "Secrets of Songwriting" zoom class, and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's been by far the most worth while online music class I've taken - I was so impressed by the breadth and detail"

Jason Brown | Songwriter & Mathematics Professor

"I just attended your Secrets to Songwriting Session. Amazing. The exercises and techniques you shared I found were eye-opening. I am excited to tackle some writing using these new techniques! My songwriting 'zone' tends to also be around 3am!"

Sara Harris | Songwriter

"This information is VERY well-organized and presented, Giselle ... you certainly have a gift for online presentations and courses! Definitely fabulous -- and fun -- thanks, Giselle! Since I haven't formally studied music theory in quite some time, I appreciated the review -- especially re: enharmonic equivalents.

Module 6: Games of Alphabet Writing (to play if you're stuck for inspiration) has been the most fun -- so far!  Will definitely be playing this game again."

Deb Grant | Songwriter